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The future of innovation starts now

MSA is an independent and interdisciplinary investment firm that actively partners with outstanding entrepreneurs in China and other global technology markets to build leading businesses that positively impact the way we work and live.

We actively manage over $1.7 billion in venture to growth capital across private and public companies.

Our Vision

The future of innovation is interdisciplinary

New discoveries require new perspectives. Big breakthroughs start with big ideas.
MSA employs a highly collaborative and interdisciplinary investment approach to uncover the next big thing or NBTs. Our investment team and technical experts work together on idea generation and theme development, sourcing and due diligence, to identify and invest in the next wave of disruptive technology, science and service enabled businesses. Our investment process is systematic and designed to replicate our track record of thesis driven, high conviction investments that were unconventional, and often unpopular, at the time we invested but later proven as highly successful, seemingly ‘obvious’ outcomes.

China is accelerating the future of innovation

China is changing the way the world accesses and engages with science and technology.
MSA is headquartered in Beijing with strong connectivity to leading local founders, universities, labs, accelerators and government entities at the forefront of innovation and regulation. Our Chinese investment partners are veteran insiders and among the architects of China’s new economy, which gives us an edge in partnering with game changing founders and high potential companies. 
At the same time, MSA has a value proposition unlike any local investment firm in China. We have a full suite of international value creation partners who serve as trusted global stewards and make a direct impact on portfolio company revenues and reputations, helping to connect China to the world.