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Committed and disciplined in our pursuit

MSA has a radical entrepreneurial spirit founded on our belief that winning ingredients such as commitment and discipline are the result of great culture. We put everything into what we do, so naturally, we want our business to be reflective of how we lead our lives.

When you know who you are, and you stay true to that form, then it facilitates better focus, direction and consistency.


Culture Matters

Culture is our most important asset. It reflects our values in action. It cultivates strength of character that helps attract and retain the best from a diverse collection of people.

Never Stop Learning

Lifelong learning keep us humble and creates opportunities for growth. Curiosity keeps us young and opens us up to new ideas and ways to apply our own strengths and experience.

Dare To Be Different

We live to defy convention and exceed expectations. Let’s face it. We are the underdogs. The misfits. The contrarians. We stand out for being different. So, we embrace it. It’s fun!

Execution Beats Ideas

There is no impact without execution. Ideas are worthless if they cannot be put into action. We focus on working with all stakeholders to help make our founders’ dreams a reality.

Be Hungry Not Greedy

We are not shy about being ambitious. We work hard. We are passionate. Not selfish. Our success grows exponentially and is infinitely more rewarding when others succeed with us.

Know Your Legacy

Everyone leaves a legacy. We know how we want to be remembered as individuals and as a company, and we aim to consciously make decisions that reflect that intent.