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Grievance Mechanism

As part of our commitment to ensure that the companies or projects we finance are undertaken with due consideration to Environmental and Social (E&S) risks and concerns, MSA Novo has in place a Grievance Mechanism in conjunction with our Limited Partners aimed at providing a forum for those adversely affected by investments that we finance to voice their E&S concerns.

Any E&S-related complaints or concerns relating to companies or investments that are financed by MSA Novo may be submitted through the following channels:

Email us at:

Click here to find out the information required and the process for lodging grievances.

The Policy on the Project-affected People’s Mechanism of the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank is applicable to the investee companies of MSA Novo’s MSA ETM FUND I, L.P. (“the Fund”). Any stakeholder (including employees, suppliers, investors, and customers) of the Fund’s investee companies is encouraged to raise concerns or report misconduct instances by contacting the Fund or by filling submissions with AIIB through the AIIB’s website (How We Assist You – Project-Affected People’s Mechanism (